About Warranty

Terms and Condition:

General Terms:

1.  Each product generally comes with distributor warranty and/or PEMMZ warranty. Length of the warranty depends on product model and brand designed by the vendor.

2. Warranty is not for new item replacement or refund.
3. If within the warranty period, items purchased or serviced damage occurs, please contact our customer service for assistance.
4. The warranty must be accompanied by an invoice or the seal of our warranty.
5. We are not responsible for the defects due to design from manufacturing.
6. For computers that are not equipped with original software, then we are not responsible for the legality of installed software. All responsibility is on the part of the customers. We recommend to all customers to always use the original software for the convenience and available support to avoid lawsuits from copyright owners of each party.
7. Computers or notebooks that have been completed and are not taken within 3 months from the date of confirmation of completion beyond our responsibility.
8. The warranty applies only to same damage and we do not receive any complaints or honor other damage that is different from that reported at the time of first service.
9. Any claims after the warranty period is complete (as stated on the invoice) will be charged, according to the damage were reported. 

Limitation of Warranty

1. Warranty does not apply to products that are consumable such as ink, belt, disk, CRTs, batteries, cleaning service and so forth.
2. Warranty does not apply if the buyer intentionally or unintentionally damage the warranty seal attached to each product purchased. The warranty also does not apply to the following events:

    • Damage caused by natural disasters (earthquakes, fires, floods, lightning, etc.) riot, bite or animal actions,
      the voltage is unstable, errors or omissions of users (fall, exposed to water / chemicals etc.)
    • Reduction or addition of other accessory equipment without our knowledge
    • Repaired by unauthorized technicians outside PEMMZ
    • Change or modify equipment that could be borne
    • Wrong installation and bad handling
    • Damage due to be connected with other equipment either mechanically or electronically
    • Exposure to virus attack
    • Software installation error
    • Disk drives and the like are disrupted because of dirty
    • Use of Floppy / CD / MO / Tape / Cartridge and improper wear (dirty / damaged / scratched / mildew, etc.) )
    • LCD with dead pixels <5 pixels